PSP a gogo!

So today I had not just arrive the foldable Targus IR keyboard, but also (finally!) the 8Gb Memory Stick Duo… I suppose I couldn’t completely exclude the possibility of running out of space, with m33 3.53-4 and being able to play video iso’s (not that I actually have more than one) and of course the backups of the games I’ve bought – in case I ever lost the device (just don’t go there!). Yet for flexibility it certainly beats the pants off of the iPod Touch and such devices of the 8Gb variety – decent games, music player, video player with decent size screen, homebrew for ssh/irc/text editing (via the IR keyboard!). So what now, as is often the case when the next generation size of memory cards is released, to do with the 4Gb card? Hmm… Well I could always stick it in my camera (the also Sony, DSC-T7) and whack up the picture res to the highest… Or then again keep it as a backup for the 8Gb, or just stick it in it’s holder and use it as another portable drive… Or even for more TV episodes to watch on the tube.

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