Curse of the Yellow Flower

Well I was expecting another Crouching Tiger, however what turned up was more a continuation from the House of Flying Daggers. Meaning that it was indeed visually stunning, yet the story was a bit thin for this western mind. Less than a handful of the action scenes we have come to know, lova and almost expect and more of the lingering shots meant to convey supressed emotions from the aincent culture this represents.
The tale of an Emperor, his consort and three princes, what’s been happenning in the preceeding three years and a myterious dark secret kept hidden to preserve the image of the royal family. All leading up to the ceremony of the Yellow crysanthemum…
If you’re looking for intrigue, skullduggery and smouldering looks, they’re here aplenty. If you’re looking for dramatic large-scale action sequences, keep your finger over the fast-forward button.
Visually stunning but a bit lacking in substance.

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